Unexpected Angels…..

Christmas preparations have been keeping me busy and alas, I am a little behind in posting my blog. Enjoy!

Last year during the Christmas season, I had the privilege of singing with my family…yes, husband, daughter and son! We dressed as Angels and walked around our church reminding everyone that angels sang glad tidings of joy. Interestingly enough, some people smiled but most went about their conversations or bustled on their way to somewhere. The children, however, stopped what they were doing and ran to the doors to see and hear what was happening. Their faces were excited and eyes twinkling as this misfit band of “angels” strolled the corridors of the church and sang “Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Come all ye faithful, and Angels we have heard on high.”  Mostly, they seemed expectant that something exciting was happening! I was struck by the difference in response of adults vs children. Life is hard, we have seen that  with the horrible tragedies that have happened around the world and the economy, loss of jobs and houses continues to affect many. Even so, all the more reason we should take a moment and celebrate that which we DO have in this moment and run expectantly to see what is coming down the hall with the eyes of a child. Just something to ponder…I am hopeful for the future  even with all the struggles of this past year and delighted to celebrate the Christmas season with my family and friends!

Speaking of unexpected Angels… Below is a picture of Virginia Stubblefield. She was our winner of the November Thankfulness contest! Her daughter, Phyllis Nichols nominated her and she was delighted that she won! I am re-posting Phyllis’s entry as well.

May your holiday season be filled with love, laughter and most of all the peace of the season.

Merry Christmas from My house to yours….



I too am thankful for my mom. She’s one of the nicest women you’ll ever meet and she’s one of those people who doesn’t know a stranger. She’s the first one to make people feel welcome and make sure they know how much they are appreciated.
She’s always positive even when things aren’t going as planned. When I was growing my dad was in the Air Force and my mom always chose to make each move a positive step for our family. I think that’s why to this day, I kinda like moving!
She’s a force when it comes to organizing and she’s a great cook. To this day, she takes requests from anyone coming to visit to be sure she cooks their favorite meals. And believe me, no one is shy about telling her exactly what they want!
She’s a great person, and a great mom. I’m lucky to have her in my life still cooking for me when I visit!

Beach Vacation and productivity

Recently, I went on a beach trip with some girlfriends. This is NOT the norm for me. I usually only vacation with my husband and children. I travel for business usually alone but seldom do I take the time to decompress from ALL my responsibilities with girl friends. Except for the occasional ladies retreat at church. Still, there is an agenda for me there too-drawing closer to God for the weekend. This, however, was a trip where there were no expectations. No rules except everyone was responsible for themselves. Period. Want to go to the beach? For a walk? to dinner? Be with people or be alone? All OKAY! Everyday, I got up early as usual, made coffee and breathed in the silence as I watched the sun’s reflection rising over the waves. After coffee, I walked by myself for 1 1 /2 hours alone with my ipod along the water’s edge. (oh…mom..FYI…There were other people on the beach…just not walking with me) Some of you are laughing right now but my mom reads my blog and once a mother, always a mother (now that I am one-I get it) and I don’t want her to worry!  After that, I joined my friends who were  already sunbathing! Hours of catching rays, eating frozen grapes, grabbing lunch or just a snack. Reading a book or listening to music uninterrupted. Maybe a nap or another walk later in the day. Then showers, dinner, and a sunset break on the clear evenings….but NO email or work for me. Strange….in fact, my intention was to catch up on some work while there but I just couldn’t focus. My mind needed a break from everything- so I took it. Amazingly…as the week progressed, I found that creative ideas began to flow effortlessly into my head  for things I had been wrestling with for weeks before I left. I wrote them down so I didn’t forget but did not try to expound on anything. Just rest.WOW! What a difference. Now I am back home and my head is clearer, more organized and my productivity is definitely improved for all my work and responsibilities. Things that were stressing me out seem smaller now. So besides getting lots of R&R I decided to reflect on what really made the difference.

#1 First things first-

Everyday instead of hopping on email or FB first thing, I walked. I gave myself something I needed-exercise! (ok and a beautiful view!) Granted, at home I am getting breakfast for the family in the wee hours before school but after that I can delay email and walk first. The world will not fall apart if I don’t respond to email before 8 am!

#2 Less technology!

Yes, I listened to music and posted a few pics of the beach to face book but I did not feel the need to read email and stay current on everyone’s FB posts. My brain needed a break from constant contact and constant information! This alone cleared my mind! Technology is wonderful but it can put us on overload if we are not careful!

#3 Learning to take time every day to appreciate the beauty around you.

Each night at the beach when the sky was clear-no matter what we were doing- we took a sunset break. A few minutes to view the gorgeous color in the sky over the water. Something about that awe inspired view was stress relieving. I actually do that at home sometimes…but most days I am too busy and I forget. Appreciating the beauty around you even for just a few minutes can renew your senses.

#4 Find people in your age and stage to do life with and laugh often!

The fact that most of us were the same”age and stage” of life meant we had a lot in common. It seemed there was always something funny happening or being said and we would erupt into a chorus of laughter together! I LOVED that! It was fun to just chat about our lives, get to know each other better etc. Did I mention that these women were not my best friends….some were strangers and others were acquaintances I have known for years through church but truly did not “Know” much at all except their stats-husband ,3 kids and grandma to be, for example. Everything wasn’t all rosy in our lives either….we had all experienced or were experiencing trials or grief through unexpected circumstances and we were still able to find laughter and joy in the moments.

Through this trip, I was reminded once again how important it is to take care of ourselves ladies!  You know when the flight attendant comes over the intercom to say, “Please secure your own oxygen mask before you try to help someone else.” Well, it is that way in life. We must take care of ourselves if we want to be able to care for others. Let’s face it, as women, we have a lot going on! Most of us have spouses, families, jobs and houses to take care of….then there is extended family, friends, charities or PTO’s and committees….etc. It’s a never ending list. We must pick and choose what rises to the top of those lists and we need to keep ourselves from staying at the bottom or we will never be as productive as we would like to be!

All this from a beach trip…….I’d say that was productive! 🙂


A little bird out of the nest…..


I delivered my oldest child to college this month.  What a life changing experience as our young adult children leave the nest! Sad, but mostly sweet. It’s a huge accomplishment in my life as a parent and I’m excited to see where her hopes and dreams will take her…that a bit of hard work!  Here we are on her 18th birthday this summer. My how times flies!

I also gave  an interview  recently  with Neal Heart. He was curious about my life as an independent artist and some of the obstacles I’ve overcome in the process. Here’s the link….Enjoy!


See you in September!!


Relationships and Anniversaries…..

1987 to 2013…..

Last month, I celebrated my 26th wedding Anniversary. I was thinking about that today as I wished someone else a “Happy Anniversary.” In my latest newsletter, I shared a ‘ then and now ‘photo of me and my hubby too. 26 years….is a long time. Add to that 5 years of dating and high school sweethearts..umm you get the pic. We pretty much grew up together. We certainly made our passage into adulthood together. Sometimes, that can be  difficult because people change over the years. Life and circumstances change us…don’t they?  We started dating in high school!  We have been through so much- lots of fun family times, job promotions babies being born but also … family illnesses and deaths , divorces of our friends, financial ups and downs, 2 years of a sick baby boy = no sleep for parents and a daughter who had open heart surgery… life can throw you a few curve balls along the way and that doesn’t include what we brought into the relationship from our families or origin! My point is…relationships take work, investment of time and energy and  as we go through the years, it is important to celebrate those milestones!

So for all you celebrating Anniversaries this year…Happy Anniversary! My wish for you is to remember why you fell in love in the first place,be present in this moment and to celebrate well! Celebrations don’t have to be expensive. A picnic or a candlelit dinner on the back patio can be just as romantic as one in a restaurant but remember, you need music for the mood too! 🙂 So here’s my Anniversary Song and all my best wishes!


P.S. I’d love to hear from you- How have you celebrated your Anniversaries through the years?


Follow your dream…

Don’t we all long to follow our dreams and make them come true? That’s what I was thinking about when I wrote this song for my kids. Follow your dreams, work hard, be persistent and even when you fall…get back up and something wonderful will happen! You will learn to FLY….

FLY- New Single officially released!!

So here it is…. my new single- FLY.  Now for you die hard jazzers…this is a more adult contemporary ballad. It was recorded with my jazz trio and a group of high school teens I brought into the studio with me from my daughter’s high school show choir. I’m embedding the video below so you can see the process…kids, gathering, rehearsing, recording. We had a great time and we are selling these downloads to help raise money for their show choir competition trip in May. I hope you enjoy the song and if you like it, please purchase this single for 99cents and PLEASE SHARE with your friends and social media pages. Together we can make an impact on the next musical generation! BUY the song – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fly/id619579017

Happy March and New Music coming soon!!!

March…in like a lion and out like a lamb! As my teens would say, “True Story!” This week’s snow that blasted across most of the country would qualify. It is cold but green here in Tennessee. The daffodils are blooming and the world is starting to drop hints of Spring and all things new! Speaking of new…..
Most of you know that I am a mom. I know it has never been fashionable to talk about motherhood in business….until this century. However, I AM a mom of 2 teens and have been married 25 years to a wonderful man. I LOVE those aspects of who I am and my music is starting to reflect that! I spend time with my family, my kid’s friends and try to be involved in what they are doing as much as I can.
Recently, I invited a group of teens from my daughter’s high school show choir into the studio with me to record on one of my new songs! In the next 2 weeks you will hear more about our experience and what we are trying to accomplish together! I will tell you however, I wanted to help them achieve some of their goals and they were all such fun to work with that I was the one who was blessed!! So stay tuned….for NEW MUSIC and lots of stories!!! In the meantime….take a minute to encourage a teenager near you. It means the world to them!

Happy New Year- 2013!!!!

As the new year begins I know we are all getting back into the swing of routine…even as I sit here looking at my tree…uh..yes..my Christmas tree is still up! After I send this email, I will be packing all the ornaments back into the boxes and putting them away for another year! My tree’s ornaments are diverse…some are from my childhood, some were made by my children,some were given to us by friends and still many are momentos we picked up from our travels through the years.) Long ago my husband and I decided that we would buy an ornament from each place we traveled as a reminder of our time there instead of a trinket. (We’ve been married for 25 years! so we have lots!) So… I love my tree and It is filled to the brim with memories!!!! However, as much as I enjoy reliving so many of those moments, at some point it has to be put away so I can get my household back in order…. or at least the living room!!!

Just like the tree…sometimes we can linger over past memories, even good ones for a wee bit too long. There comes a time when we need to put it away for a season in order to move forward into the next season of our lives. No matter where you have been in 2012…good place, hard place or in between….great job or job loss….I am praying for each of us to step into the New Year with hearts hopeful and expectant that “the best is yet to come…and won’t it be grand ” -to borrow a phrase from an old jazz standard!

May you and your family be blessed! I look forward to seeing you in 2013!!

All my love,


Happy Spring!

I hope you are enjoying the kinder, warmer weather, wherever you live. Thanks for stopping by my site. Please browse the photos and blogs, listen to music and be sure to sign up for my mailing list to get your FREE SONG downloads! After you listen feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime….breathe in as many sunsets as you can with those you love! 🙂

All my best….