A little bird out of the nest…..


I delivered my oldest child to college this month.  What a life changing experience as our young adult children leave the nest! Sad, but mostly sweet. It’s a huge accomplishment in my life as a parent and I’m excited to see where her hopes and dreams will take her…that a bit of hard work!  Here we are on her 18th birthday this summer. My how times flies!

I also gave  an interview  recently  with Neal Heart. He was curious about my life as an independent artist and some of the obstacles I’ve overcome in the process. Here’s the link….Enjoy!


See you in September!!


About Debbie Cunningham

Debbie Cunningham is a romantic jazz/pop artist residing in Franklin,TN. She writes songs about staying in love, pursuing your dreams and living life as a mid-life female. She is passionate about her family, relationships, loving others well, sunsets and dark chocolate! www.debbiecunninghamjazz.com

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