Photos from the Road…..Sing-it-or-Bring-it Event


LAST WEEK…..I had the great pleasure of singing for a fun event for local politicians…called Sing It or Bring It! The event was a lighthearted kick off to early voting. Local competing politicians came together for a night of either singing a song or bringing someone to perform for them. I was the “Bring -It” for local County Commissioner candidate, Sherri Clark. In fact, she and Todd Kaestner were the candidates who organized the event. A fun, entertaining evening was had by all at the historic Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork. So…on that note….let YOUR voice be heard in your next local election wherever you are …. get out and VOTE! 🙂



Happy March and New Music coming soon!!!

March…in like a lion and out like a lamb! As my teens would say, “True Story!” This week’s snow that blasted across most of the country would qualify. It is cold but green here in Tennessee. The daffodils are blooming and the world is starting to drop hints of Spring and all things new! Speaking of new…..
Most of you know that I am a mom. I know it has never been fashionable to talk about motherhood in business….until this century. However, I AM a mom of 2 teens and have been married 25 years to a wonderful man. I LOVE those aspects of who I am and my music is starting to reflect that! I spend time with my family, my kid’s friends and try to be involved in what they are doing as much as I can.
Recently, I invited a group of teens from my daughter’s high school show choir into the studio with me to record on one of my new songs! In the next 2 weeks you will hear more about our experience and what we are trying to accomplish together! I will tell you however, I wanted to help them achieve some of their goals and they were all such fun to work with that I was the one who was blessed!! So stay tuned….for NEW MUSIC and lots of stories!!! In the meantime….take a minute to encourage a teenager near you. It means the world to them!

Happy New Year- 2013!!!!

As the new year begins I know we are all getting back into the swing of routine…even as I sit here looking at my tree… Christmas tree is still up! After I send this email, I will be packing all the ornaments back into the boxes and putting them away for another year! My tree’s ornaments are diverse…some are from my childhood, some were made by my children,some were given to us by friends and still many are momentos we picked up from our travels through the years.) Long ago my husband and I decided that we would buy an ornament from each place we traveled as a reminder of our time there instead of a trinket. (We’ve been married for 25 years! so we have lots!) So… I love my tree and It is filled to the brim with memories!!!! However, as much as I enjoy reliving so many of those moments, at some point it has to be put away so I can get my household back in order…. or at least the living room!!!

Just like the tree…sometimes we can linger over past memories, even good ones for a wee bit too long. There comes a time when we need to put it away for a season in order to move forward into the next season of our lives. No matter where you have been in 2012…good place, hard place or in between….great job or job loss….I am praying for each of us to step into the New Year with hearts hopeful and expectant that “the best is yet to come…and won’t it be grand ” -to borrow a phrase from an old jazz standard!

May you and your family be blessed! I look forward to seeing you in 2013!!

All my love,


Summer fun and the Flat Parker Project!

Flat Parker and me in the studio!

Summer was SO busy with my family! If you have kids get it! This year was even busier. Besides summer fun, cousin camp at my house  and neighborhood BBQ’s , we added college hunting  and visiting to the mix! WHEW! I had no idea… 🙂

The highlight of our summer was an unexpected visit from my NEW friend, FLAT PARKER! Flat Parker is traveling to 50 states in 365 days on behalf of the REAL Parker, who is a 5 year old boy from Michigan who has Leukemia. He is in the midst of a 3 year treatment to save his life. While he is at home and cannot go anywhere, Flat Parker travels FOR him. Flat Parker then uploads his adventures, via pics to Face book so the real Parker can have something to take his mind of all the needles and tests and chemo etc. The timing was right for FP to come with me into the studio and we had lots of fun! When I was first asked to take Flat Parker  I thought I may not have time to give the project my full attention. We had a busy week in the studio planned and I was also on my way out of town to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. Never-the -less it was something I really wanted to do for Parker and his family. Even though I had a moment of hesitation as I was looking at the business of my life, I quickly moved from hesitant to yes and I’m so glad I did! My whole family had the privilege to participate and honestly, it has been one of the highlights of our summer! When we said Goodbye to Flat Parker even my kids and husband felt that emotional tug as we sent him on to his next secret location. Spontaneity has always been difficult for this planner girl !! However, I’m learning that sometimes the best things in our life come from the unexpected!

To see pics and learn more about this worthy cause and follow FP ‘s travels around the country, please go to their FB page and like