New Album, 2 Graduations,1 Wedding , oh my!

Hellooooo end of Summer!

I’ve had a crazy last few months…..  finished producing and recording the new album, had both kids graduate …my son from high school and my daughter from college.  My daughter got married at the end of June! Whew!  What a marvelous, exhausting ride planning a wedding can be. Two days after the wedding, my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!! Lots of big life events in a short few months. I’m really excited but a wee bit emotional about the empty nest. Our daughter  has already moved away and our son will be off to college next week!. Upcoming? CD release…Finally, I know! I’ve gotten great feedback from those that pre-ordered the album so I’m looking forward to the public release! For now here’s a few pics of my crazy few months. Soon I’ll be announcing the BIG CD release EVENT so stay tuned!!

A Million Kisses Album cover

Deanna and Drake Graduation

Deanna and Drake Graduation

Family Wedding pic

Family Wedding pic

Debbie and Derek 30 years!

Debbie and Derek 30 years!

Creative way to say I Love You

All about Love!

It’s almost February! I can hardly believe the first month of 2014 is gone. Alas… time flies when you are busy and having fun! It’s that special time of year when we celebrate romantic love! Romantic jazz is a perfect way to set the mood…so….want a creative way to say I LOVE YOU this year?  Gentlemen…a creative marriage proposal? Send me with a singing telegram!

I enjoy celebrating life…dinner with family, friends. Going out of my way to make my loved ones feel special is a joy. I was truly honored when a dear friend asked me to make her husband’s birthday special by delivering a singing telegram.

Singing to Archie

Here I am singing at his 50th birthday dinner party! Boy was he surprised….

I do a limited amount of private performances each year. Recently, I’ve been receiving so many requests for singing telegrams  I thought I would offer them in February in honor of Valentine’s month. Limited times available for Valentine’s day so book today!

If you are out of state -singing telephone grams are also available. Or you can fly me to your piece of the world…just sayin’

For more info, pricing send an inquiry to

Relationships and Anniversaries…..

1987 to 2013…..

Last month, I celebrated my 26th wedding Anniversary. I was thinking about that today as I wished someone else a “Happy Anniversary.” In my latest newsletter, I shared a ‘ then and now ‘photo of me and my hubby too. 26 years….is a long time. Add to that 5 years of dating and high school sweethearts..umm you get the pic. We pretty much grew up together. We certainly made our passage into adulthood together. Sometimes, that can be  difficult because people change over the years. Life and circumstances change us…don’t they?  We started dating in high school!  We have been through so much- lots of fun family times, job promotions babies being born but also … family illnesses and deaths , divorces of our friends, financial ups and downs, 2 years of a sick baby boy = no sleep for parents and a daughter who had open heart surgery… life can throw you a few curve balls along the way and that doesn’t include what we brought into the relationship from our families or origin! My point is…relationships take work, investment of time and energy and  as we go through the years, it is important to celebrate those milestones!

So for all you celebrating Anniversaries this year…Happy Anniversary! My wish for you is to remember why you fell in love in the first place,be present in this moment and to celebrate well! Celebrations don’t have to be expensive. A picnic or a candlelit dinner on the back patio can be just as romantic as one in a restaurant but remember, you need music for the mood too! 🙂 So here’s my Anniversary Song and all my best wishes!


P.S. I’d love to hear from you- How have you celebrated your Anniversaries through the years?