From the moment the first note flowed with a tantalizingly smooth tone from her lips, I knew from all the years of study and performing myself, that I was in the presence of perfection. Debbie Cunningham is an exceptional Jazz artist that captures the essence of the music and words with extreme accuracy and sensitivity.  I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with Debbie and her jazz band, who by the way, were masters on each of their own instruments accompanying the vocalist. Nothing more to say, but a “must experience” evening! It was a privilege.

Meg Butler Curtis -Franklin,TN

“A pure natural! It’s not often you come across a voice with pure, talent. This is a voice that will soothe anyone’s crying eyes. Mrs. Cunningham hits her notes on beat every time!!”–

Indie Lady A- WSF Radio

The Rest of Your Life – Debbie Cunningham
What a glorious sound Debbie makes on this album. “The Rest of Your Life” is a collection of timeless jazz classics souped up by Mrs. Cunningham and her talented friends. What I love about this album is her vocal fearlessness. She’s not afraid to open her mouth and place the notes exactly where she wants them. There are a hundreds of “My Funny Valentine” renditions floating around and her sassy version is rather refreshing. Kudos to John Swana, on trumpet. The playfullness of the lyrics is echoed in her sensuous, playful delivery. You can tell she had fun with it.

Each of the 11 tracks on this album are an absolute elegant treat. “The Way He Makes Me Feel” made me picture myself in a sepia toned reality where everything is sophisticated. This is a very professional, romantical and sophisticated effort. Debbie’s voice has a firm command of human emotion.

Anyone that knows me knows that I take my Stevie Wonder very very seriously. I couldn’t wait to get to “Overjoyed” just to see if she might have messed my boy’s classic up. NOPE. She nailed it. Her backing instrumentalists ( Piano: Barry Sames; Drums: Wilby Fletcher) should be given props here as well for their remarkable musicianship.

Mut Asheru – Unsigned- The Magazine

“Debbie Cunningham’s CD is like Botox for the soul.”

Danielle Griggs

Radio Review
“Some singers’ entire careers are spent searching for that delicate, delicious connection with their listeners when a song becomes an intimate statement one is compelled to hear. Debbie Cunningham grabbed it right from the start on her CD, ‘The Rest of Your Life’. Such sensitive delivery, her choice of songs, the arrangements and accompanists belie the fact this is her debut disc. WOW!”

Greg Lee – WMOT-FM, Jazz-89 Nashville

“Soulful,sultry,smooth”, “delicate,delicious”, “elegant and sophisticated”, lyrical and intimate”, “Romantic”, “soothing”, “powerful and engaging”, “an exquisite taste of jazz, “Eloquent”, “Totally ear friendly”, “Soothing – yet never sleepy”


Making It in the Music Biz
“I don’t know what took me so long,” says Debbie Cunningham, 41, of Franklin, Tennessee, about her new career as a jazz singer — though 20 years of raising a family might be the answer.

Cunningham had a music degree, but her singing had been limited to church and wedding gigs and composing lullabies for her two children. When they turned 8 and 11, she felt compelled to study singing seriously. She worried about diverting cash toward music school tuition, but her husband urged her to invest in her passion. In 2005 she began studies at the Nashville Jazz Workshop. There she took a master class with the singer Tierney Sutton, who encouraged her to make her own CD, a process that took nine months and more than $10,000 of the family savings.

Cunningham hired a talented college friend to produce and arrange the songs (including one she wrote herself ), hired musicians, and hit the studio. “I had to step out of ‘mommy world’ and focus,” she says. “We whipped it out in a week, because with my schedule, that’s all the time I could afford.”

Last fall she released her first jazz/pop CD, fittingly titled The Rest of Your Life ( Cunningham feels that her age brings something special to her work. “I have a wealth of life experience and understanding that I could not have had at 20,” she says. “I know what lifelong love feels like and how it endures, and I sing differently because of that.”

Cunningham hopes to make her music profitable but knows that no matter what, it’s her calling. “When I sing, I feel as though I reach into a new part of me,” she says. “I finally found that niche, the place that was made for me.”

Mary Lou Quinlan – More Magazine (May 6, 2007)

Debbie’s CD, “The Rest Of Your Life”, gives her audience great treatments of both standard and original material. But the aspect which most impresses me is the honesty in her understated yet confident performances. With these heartfelt renditions, the listener is assured an enjoyable,
entertaining and totally ear-friendly experience – again and again.

Jeff Steinberg – Arranger/Composer/Producer

“Cunningham’s CD is a gem! Stylish singing,great musicianship,and a wonderfully eclectic mix of songs “

Bob Collins – WRHU 88.7 fm – Hempstead,NY

Debbie Cunningham is one smooth songstress. Her vocal range is soothing– yet never sleepy. Her styling is eclectic and her phrasing superb. Debbie’s songlist hits the bullseye and you will find yourself sinking dreamily into a sofa or shimmying toward a dance floor. This debut project is a winner –you’ll enjoy eloquent insights on “The Rest of Your Life”

Ellie Lofaro – Author, Inspirational Speaker

“Debbie has a voice like velvet and a delivery that comes with experience. She sings timeless classics in a unique way because she’s lived them.”

Debbie Alan- wsRadio host – wsRadio talk show-live interview (Jan 11, 2008)

Debbie Alan interviews Debbie Cunningham: Women, Chocolate and Jazz
New beginnings at 40! Still a loving wife and a devoted mom but now there’s time for her passion. Her jazz album is playing on over 75 stations. See her at Nashville’s legendary ‘Chick Singer Night,’ On The HomeStretch.

Debbie Alan – WSRadio Interview 5/6/08 by Debbie Alan (May 6, 2008)

“Debbie Cunningham’s debut cd “The Rest of Your Life” is a wonderful blend of elegance and sophistication. Debbie’s performance, as well as her musicians are top notch! A great cd to just kick back with a glass of wine and relax. Love it! “

Lori Mechem – Director of the Nashville Jazz Workshop

“Debbie’s lyrical and intimate vocal stylings easily put the listener in a wonderful romantic zone. I simply love her phrasing. Her choice of tunes is awesome! The entire project has a great feel. Congratulations, Debbie, on a job well done!”

Ron Browning – Nashville Vocal Coach, Jazz Pianist and Recording Artist for Alliant Music Group