Follow your dream…

Don’t we all long to follow our dreams and make them come true? That’s what I was thinking about when I wrote this song for my kids. Follow your dreams, work hard, be persistent and even when you fall…get back up and something wonderful will happen! You will learn to FLY….

Thoughts on being an independent artist

Times are certainly changing in the music industry. Things are changing in EVERY industry, really. What we do and how we respond to those changes are what is significant. For the independent artist, there has never been a better time to be “Indie.” The Internet has made the marketplace global, even for the budding entrepreneur.  I’ll never forget the first time I sold a CD in Japan or Hungary. I’ve never been to those countries, yet, their music community has found me thanks to the Internet and great on-line CD stores like CDBaby. That is one of the many places my first CD, The Rest of Your Life, is currently sold. We no longer drive to the mall or local record shop. We press a button on our computer and instantaneously we have the music in our hands…well …ears! The biggest hurdle for the independent artist is national exposure that the major labels do so well. However, the Internet IS our international audience now and there is so much opportunity to spread the word about your brand of music, via social networks, on-line radio stations, magazines and music streaming. The list goes on and on. As an indie artist, I’ve been in National print magazines like MORE and have been in my first movie (SWAY the movie) as myself- a Nashville Jazz Recording Artist. Recently, I became a spokesperson for Darci by DiCaprio cosmetics. The Internet was invaluable as my connecting point in all of those. Not to mention, I stay busy with my jazz quartet performing at corporate, private and charity events! There is so much opportunity out there. It just takes work and consistency but after all, this is my job!  🙂