Photos from the Road…..Sing-it-or-Bring-it Event


LAST WEEK…..I had the great pleasure of singing for a fun event for local politicians…called Sing It or Bring It! The event was a lighthearted kick off to early voting. Local competing politicians came together for a night of either singing a song or bringing someone to perform for them. I was the “Bring -It” for local County Commissioner candidate, Sherri Clark. In fact, she and Todd Kaestner were the candidates who organized the event. A fun, entertaining evening was had by all at the historic Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork. So…on that note….let YOUR voice be heard in your next local election wherever you are …. get out and VOTE! 🙂



November Thankfulness contest!

Happy November!

THIS Month I am launching my THANKFULNESS CONTEST! Got someone you are thankful for in your life?  Nominate them in my contest and if they win, you BOTH get a fabulous prize package of gifts and yummy goodies!(yes, yummy goodies = food and yummy food always includes chocolate!)  Each week I will add something to the prize package – music, food, maybe gift cards …. so check back weekly!

You must post  your nominees here in the comment section below. My team will read and we will choose a winner. EVERYONE who enters will also be in a DRAWING for a secondary prize.

Here are the details:

1) Their  Name (first name is fine for now) If you win, I will email you for last name and address or location. If it’s your favorite waitress or nurse at your doctor’s office that’s ok. as long as I can verify a name and address to send prize package.

2) Why you are thankful for them. Did they help you or do a kind deed? Are they a source of inspiration to your town? Neighborhood?  School? Do they greet you with a smile or go the extra mile with their service to you? Keep it brief but tell us the story.  Here’s your chance to say THANKS and win them (and yourself) a  gift bag full of goodies!



You must post  your nominees here in the comment section below. Here are the details:

Each week you can nominate another person you are thankful for until Nov 27!  We will reveal the winner on December 1, 2013 and send them their goody basket that week. If we have more than 100 entries,  we’ll give away a few more prizes …. so share this post on FB/Twitter and share the love! Let’s fill November with an attitude of gratitude

Happy “Thanks” Giving !

XO Debbie