Reflections on Mid-Life

Mid-Life….I have been avoiding that term for a long time but truth is at 49 years of age, I’m probably more than mid-life! Although my plan is to be around a LONG time heheheh! 🙂 My kids are growing older…I have a sophomore in high school and a sophomore in college. My nest is emptying….my husband and I are looking at empty nest cars (ya know..thinking about the day when I’ll be trading in the mom-van but not quite there yet) and dreaming about traveling. Of course, that will be AFTER all those college bills are paid! Never-the-less….we are looking forward to new adventures in the next few years. It’s bittersweet though. We love family life and traveling with our kids and having their friends in & out of our house. Albeit, I’ll have to do a post on budget mindedly feeding all those friends this past summer… Especially those growing teenage boys, YIKES!

But I digress….I find mid-life interesting to say the least! Growing older in my physical body, while my mind feels so young. I know my 60 year old friends are rolling their eyes about now but truly in the 40’s wow…things start to not work like they used to! I used to see everything near and far. Now I can’t see in front of my nose without readers (sigh)… Cue “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenter’s. I recently heard someone say that in your 40’s you long for the body from your 30’s that you loathed in your 20’s! After childbirth….yeah I’m right there with them! Crazy how time changes our perspective, does it not?

The “working” title of my upcoming CD is called Love and Life but I’m thinking it’s time to add “mid” to that title. Really changes the whole perspective….what do you think?

Speaking of perspective……Wherever you are now, how has your perspective changed? What are you appreciating now that you once took for granted, perhaps? Would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below…..

About Debbie Cunningham

Debbie Cunningham is a romantic jazz/pop artist residing in Franklin,TN. She writes songs about staying in love, pursuing your dreams and living life as a mid-life female. She is passionate about her family, relationships, loving others well, sunsets and dark chocolate!


  1. Hello Debbie! Visiting from Nashville Women Who Blog!. So glad I stopped by here! I also live in Franklin, in an empty nest and find myself wondering what to do with my new self! My husband and I moved here from MI a few years ago when our youngest graduated high school. (He is WMU studying percussion in Jazz Performance!) Talk about empty nest! I am going through so many emotions here! I’m learning to appreciate the changes and all the new opportunities coming our way. We love to travel and do that very often, just a lot more room in the car now lol. I miss my 30 year old body too, I do yoga now instead of aerobics lol. However, I love all the wisdom of my 48 year old mind! Would not trade that for anything. So glad I found you here. Going to check your ‘listen’ button. Do you ever perform around town? Would love to come out and hear you =)

    • Hi Shelly! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I so appreciate that. Yes, I perform in and out of town….corporate and private events too. Yes…the emptying nest can be filled with mixed emotions! It’s exciting for them but it can leave you wondering what to do next. It is an exciting time to rediscover what YOU like to do however and more time for you and your husband. Wonderful to hear from you! Please keep in touch here, on the NWWB page or connect with me on Facebook if you like too. Good to “meet” another Franklin resident! Also, if you’d like FREE music downloads click the free music link and be added to my newsletter group. You will receive notice of when I’m performing in the area.

  2. Debbie, thank you for post. As I draw closer to sixty and being aware of the additional effort it takes me to get up from a full squat, I found that my life truly moved into technicolor in my 50’s. One thing I began on my 50th was every birthday I start over with new things I have experienced. When I was 50 I had a year to try 50 things I had never done or experienced. The next year 51 and so on. I have never had a year that was difficult to reach that number! It keeps it as an adventure. This year I added medical support hose to that adventure list…which made me eyeroll when I put them on, but it allowed me to focus on the next wonderful experience…or lesson:). Hope to hear another concert soon!!

    • Hi Missy! What a WONDERFUL outlook that each year you gently challenge yourself to try 50 new things or whatever your birthday number is. I LOVE that! Beautiful and exciting way to live. We have a wonderful life of opportunity if we seek to find that, yes? Thank you so much for sharing. This year, as I just turned 49, I’ve decided to be diligent to take better care of myself and be in the best physical emotional and mental/spiritual shape possible by the time I turn 50 next August! Upon reflection, over the last 20 years of motherhood and parenting season, I realize I haven’t always made space in my life to take good care of myself. That’s all changing now as I am very aware of how my body is aging. Since I’d like to be around another 50…I need this frame I inhabit to be strong and energized, so I can scale to new heights! Thanks again for sharing your personal journey. Yes, would love to see you at another show soon!

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