Southern Snow Day= Mandatory slow down

southernsnowjan2016    I woke up yesterday to a Southern Snowfall in TN. It truly is beautiful although it wreaks havoc here in the South. I grew up in the North so I’m no stranger to those little white flakes that fly through the air with a beauty that is magical yet wreaks craziness on the ground. What I love about snow in the South is that it requires a mandatory slow-down for everyone. I mean…we got an inch and everything closes down. My Northern friends are laughing but here we seem to get a layer of ice under that lovely white blanket. Partner that will winding roads and Tennessee hills and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. SO we HAVE TO SLOW DOWN….in everything. In today’s society, we are racing at a ridiculous pace. I often tell people I am just trying to keep up with my own life. Sad but true. There’s always something that needs my,household chores, my music career and right now added to that is college audition process/paperwork and a wedding to plan! It takes discipline and intention for me to put on the brakes and breathe. I’m not always good at it but I’m learning. Because when I don’t slow down regularly, I pay for it eventually with my health and sanity.  The best thing about yesterday’s slow down was everyone’s work schedule cancelled, rehearsals were cancelled and we had a wonderful family dinner together and played a game for hours. We laughed so hard that we cried at times and it was wonderful. (FYI-the game is Awkward Family Photos and it is a  blast with teens and adults. And no I’m not getting paid to say that just love the game!) We had hot chocolate and cookies that I had stashed in the freezer for such a spontaneous moment as this. It was wonderful!!! As a mom who has a child graduating high school and going off to college, one graduating college, getting married and moving away…I will forever remember this mandatory slow down. It was a gift from an unexpected snowfall. And I received it with a grateful heart. When is the last time you slowed down? What would it mean to your family or marriage or personal health  to slow down for a breather? If it snows in your neck of the woods…I hope you will. And the next time you are baking cookies…stash a few in the freezer for an unexpected family moment. You’ll be glad you did! Remember to like,share and comment. I love to hear from you.

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Debbie Cunningham is a romantic jazz/pop artist residing in Franklin,TN. She writes songs about staying in love, pursuing your dreams and living life as a mid-life female. She is passionate about her family, relationships, loving others well, sunsets and dark chocolate!

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